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Do you...?

... love plants but don't know how to take care of them? 

... wish to grow plants as living pieces of art in your home? 

... want to discover a hobby which will make you connect to nature and to yourself? 

... wish you would be part of a community who share plant knowledge and inspiration?


The Peace of Plant workshops are unique learning experiences for modern plant lovers. You will learn gardening in a fun and practical approach, while also exploring new creative and artistic ways of growing plants. 


Enroll in an unique experience and sign up for a Peace of Plant Workshop!

Who are the Workshops For?

Whether you're totally new or already have some experience gardening and want to take it to the next level, the Peace of Plant Workshops are perfect if you wish to:


  • Learn all the basics of growing and propagating plants in a way that is practical, enjoyable, and less time-consuming than you could ever imagine

  • Get all my tips and secrets so you can design and create exciting pieces of plant art, which you can then take home with you after the workshop.



Corporate workshops:

Do you wish to organize a special event for your company? The Peace of Plant workshops are unique learning and sharing experiences where people can connect to nature and learn a new hobby, while at the same time developing team work and practicing a mindful activity. Fill in the following form so we can organize something unforgettable!